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Dr. Niket Kasar – Psychologist in Pune

Meet the best Doctor of Psychologist in Pune. Dr. Niket Kasar One of the Well Known Psychiatrist in Pune for Relationship Problems, Sexual Addiction, Old Age psychiatric, Public Psychology, Child Psychology, Development Psychology and more he is treating patients very well, he has rich experience in Consultant Psychiatrist, De-Addiction Specialist, Sexologist and Life Fellow Indian Psychiatric Society as well as he started Sankalp Clinic with certain aims and goals in field of psychiatry and behavioural psychology focusing current scenario in society.

Get effective treatment on your psychological problem by Dr. Niket Kasar. He is the best Psychologist, Psychological Counselor, Psychiatrist in Pune and currently, he is working as a consultant Psychologist in Pune, Psychotherapist & Sexologist at Dr. Kasar’s Psyciatric Clinic.

DPM  Psychological Medicine (KEM Hospital Pune),

MBBS,Govt. Medical College Miraj

Geriatric Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Addiction Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist, 14 Years Experience


A comprehensive approach to mental health with an emphasis on counselling, psychotherapy and understanding the person gave our clinic its distinctive image. In the course of his extensive work with patients, Dr. Kasar realized that most problems resulting in psychiatric emergencies could have been prevented if dealt with in the initial stage. Creating awareness among the general public about mental health and well-being became our motto and it evolved into to clinic For Self Enrichment.

We combine modern psychiatric treatments with effective psychotherapies, to help individuals resolve their concerns. We extend our help to people from all walks of life. Our philosophy is based on a simple fact of better and happy living. It is our endeavour to make you feel happier and emotionally rich.