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The Story of Your Brain….

“I am your brain and story of my brain”.

I am not feeling as stress-free as I used to for a long moment now, and you possibly identify that not you seem to be ignoring my voice. I am much more energetic – and more likely to tire out – than any other organ or muscle in your body.

I am simply the bossiest part of the body. I tell practically every other part of your body what to do, all the time, whether you’re aware of it or not. I manage what you feel and think, how you remember, learn and study and the way you move. I also control things you might not consider about – like the beating of your heart and whether you feel like sleepy or wakeful.

All brain changes with their age, and also mental function changes along with it. But the kind of pressure you sometimes place me through is just accelerating our aging procedure. I have to be kept relaxed yet stimulated and positive. Then simply can you and I stay active, young and productive. I want to live young for a long period. And I know it pretty well, you wish the same.

You keep reading that modern lifestyle generated chronic stress which shows up as all types of physical and mental health illness problems. Did you know that constantly stressing out can really kill your brain cell? You know this, don’t you?

Accurate brain role is the answer to a healthy life. So today I am taking some time out to assist you to understand what I require from you.

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a story of your brain


  • Get Physical exercise daily:  Exercise also lowers blood pressure, fights diabetes, reduces mental stress, and improves cholesterol level; every one of this can help me and also your heart.
  • Improve your diet: Good Nutrition can help me, your mind, your heart as well as your body.
  • Get mental Stimulation: Any mentally stimulating activity helps to build me. Read, get courses, and attempt “mental Gymnastics”, such as world math or puzzles problems. Testing with things that need manual dexterity as well as mental efforts, such as drawing, painting, and other crafts.
  • Construct a social media network: Strong social ties have been linked with lower blood pressure and longer expectancies. I remember a study published in a book you read freshly, a journal of health and social behavior, which said we essential a variety of brain stimulation, such as social activity, to keep our minds sharp.
  • Avoid tobacco: Stay away from tobacco in all its forms.
  • Keep stress in check: Stress is one of the brain’s worst enemies. Over time, constant stress destroys brain cells and damages the hippocampus, the area of the brain concerned in the formation of the new memories and the recovery of old ones. Studies have also related stress to memory loss.
  • Get sufficient sleep: Sleep is not only essential for regenerating your physical body, but also helps me to “reset” and look at problems from diverse perspectives, which is essential to creativity. I do not shut off when you are sleeping. There is a lot of work going on while you sleep and much of it involves consolidating the learning that put during the day.

Remember you and I am going to live together for a lifetime. You don’t want to lose me, do you!

Best Psychologist in Pune – Dr. Niket Kasar

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Best Anger Management Tips For Beginners

Anger Management Tips

Best Anger Management Tips For Beginners


One of the first steps to managing anger is to understand what anger is and where it comes from. There’s no need to get upset that you get angry.

Anger is a natural human reaction to certain situations. As such, it has probably been retained by evolution as something which helped us survive and adapt over millions of years.

Recognizing that there’s nothing we can do to stop ourselves from becoming angry is a positive revelation to some people who think that they just shouldn’t get angry under any circumstances and that getting angry is “wrong”.

If you asked a hundred people on the street how they’d react to having their car stolen, I’m sure you’d find that “anger” would be near the top of their lists of reactions.

What needs to be addressed, through anger management, is the degree of anger we generate and the ways in which we display it.

In order to fit in with modern society, there are very few ways in which anger can be spontaneously released. We can yell, but not too loudly or the neighbors may call the police.

We can hit something, but not anything valuable or anything that could be dangerous if it broke. Of course, it’s not permitted to take out our anger on other people, either verbally or physically. So what can we do to release anger spontaneously?

Well, how about hitting something that can’t be broken, isn’t valuable and won’t mind getting hit? One possibility is to vent your anger on a big soft pillow, or something similar.

While some people may say that it’s better to contain the anger, many others would object to that suggestion. People who contain anger may find it exploding out of them in very inappropriate ways when their ability to contain it is compromised.

It may well be better to vent the anger at a pillow than bottle it up inside only to vent it months or years later in a catastrophic way.

One of the best techniques to deal with anger if you’re prone to venting your anger in the wrong way is to identify when and where you get angry and avoid those situations. If, for example, alcohol results in you getting angrier than you usually would, you could moderate your alcohol intake, or even abstain completely.

Another coping mechanism is to use logic, which takes a lot of practice. Before you start getting angry, think about what’s going to happen. Insert a mental “pause” before the situation escalates and ask yourself if this situation is worth getting angry about. Be honest with yourself. Are you looking for a fight? If so, why?Are you helping to build the argument? If so, why?

When you wake up tomorrow, will you feel better that you avoided today’s argument, or that you took part in it and lost your temper? When you wake up tomorrow, would you still think that whatever you lost your temper over was important enough to make the consequences worthwhile, or should you have walked away?

If you consider these points before getting angry, you’ll see that ninety-nine percent of arguments are avoidable, are the results of misunderstandings or are about relatively trivial issues that get amplified in the heat of the moment. Learn to master the ability to walk away from a potentially bad situation.

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November Article in Indian Express

Forgetfulness is not just aging

It may be Dementia also…

By – Dr.Niket Kasar

Forgetfulness is not just aging

  • Mr.Suresh who is 62 years old, Recently forgot his daughter’s birthday, much to his family’s surprise. His wife has also started complaining about him misplacing the house keys, frequent episode of forgetfulness and inability to recognize familiar faces like their grandkids.
  • Does this sound very familiar?
  • All these are not the sign of aging only but they are signs that the person might be suffering from a serious condition like Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • One may also feel moody or uninterested, get confused with days and dates, have trouble remembering the name, forget personal histories like wedding anniversaries or birthdays or be unable to recall one’s own phone number or address.
  • Dr.Niket Kasar leading  Stress Management Counselling in Pune says,”Alzheimer’s disease shows common signs such as memory loss, Disorientation to time and space,
  • Withdrawl from social activities etc.
  • To mention a few. It is most crucial that people talk to a psychiatrist the movement any such warning sign appears and get themselves screened for Dementia.
  • This is a progressive Diseases which mean we can only slow down the progress of a patient. the sooner the treatment starts better will be the result.
  • With specific treatment and training to caregivers, we can ensure the better quality of life of the patient.
  • In India, Approximately 41 lac patients suffer from Dementia and only 6% of them are under some kind of treatment.
  • Remaining population suffers because they might not know that they need medical attention
  • If any of your dear/loved ones is over 55 years of age and showing such symptoms, seek medical help by getting them screened for dementia at your nearest psychiatrist.


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