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Forgetfulness is not just aging

It may be Dementia also…

  • Mr.Suresh who is 62 years old, Recently forgot his daughter’s birthday, much to his family’s surprise. His wife has also started complaining about him misplacing the house keys, frequent episode of forgetfulness and inability to recognize familiar faces like their grandkids.
  • Does this sound very familiar?
  • All these are not the sign of aging only but they are signs that the person might be suffering from a serious condition like Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • One may also feel moody or uninterested, get confused with days and dates, have trouble remembering the name, forget personal histories like wedding anniversaries or birthdays or be unable to recall one’s own phone number or address.
  • Dr.Niket Kasar leading  Stress Management Counselling in Pune says,”Alzheimer’s disease shows common signs such as memory loss, Disorientation to time and space,
  • Withdrawl from social activities etc.
  • To mention a few. It is most crucial that people talk to a psychiatrist the movement any such warning sign appears and get themselves screened for Dementia.
  • This is a progressive Diseases which mean we can only slow down the progress of a patient. the sooner the treatment starts better will be the result.
  • With specific treatment and training to caregivers, we can ensure the better quality of life of the patient.
  • In India, Approximately 41 lac patients suffer from Dementia and only 6% of them are under some kind of treatment.
  • Remaining population suffers because they might not know that they need medical attention
  • If any of your dear/loved ones is over 55 years of age and showing such symptoms, seek medical help by getting them screened for dementia at your nearest psychiatrist.


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Forgetfulness is not just aging

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