Five Different Types of Schizophrenia

Five Different Types of Schizophrenia Types Of Schizophrenia   The nature of symptoms taken into account while determining the disease of schizophrenia varies greatly with the progression of the disease. Since the 5 types of schizophrenia sub-types are defined in accordance with the most prominent characteristics, the same person may be analyzed with different types [...]

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September Article in Indian Express

What is Dementia? U Really don't know What is Dementia? Here is the answer. Forgiveness, trouble remembering names, losing or misplacing things, inability to recognize familiar faces and disorientation with time and space. All these are not the sign of aging only but they are the sign that person might be suffering from something serious [...]

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November Article in Indian Express

Forgetfulness is not just aging It may be Dementia also... By - Dr.Niket Kasar Mr.Suresh who is 62 years old, Recently forgot his daughter's birthday, much to his family’s surprise. His wife has also started complaining about him misplacing the house keys, frequent episode of forgetfulness and inability to recognize familiar faces like their grandkids. Does [...]

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