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What is Dementia?

  • U Really don’t know What is Dementia? Here is the answer.
  • Forgiveness, trouble remembering names, losing or misplacing things, inability to recognize familiar faces and disorientation with time and space.
  • All these are not the sign of aging only but they are the sign that person might be suffering from something serious like Dementia.
  • One may also feel moody or uninterested get confused with days and dates.
  • Forget personal histories like the wedding anniversary or birthday or be unable to recall one’s own phones numbers or address.
  • Dr. Niket Kasar, leading Psychological Counselling Center in Pune says “it is most crucial that people talk to a psychiatrist the movement any such warning signs appear and get themselves screened for Dementia.
  • This is a progressive disease which means we can only slow down the progress in patients.
  • There are specific medications and therapies available now, which can help in this certain physical exercise and brain game can help these patients.
  • The sooner the treatment starts better will be the result of specific treatment and training too caregivers we can ensure a better quality of life for patients.
  • In India, approximately 41 lac patients suffer from dementia and only 6% of them are under some kind of treatment “rest of them keep on suffering because they might not know that they need medical attention.
  • If any of your loved ones is over 55 years of age and showing such symptoms, seek medical help by getting them screened for dementia at your nearest psychiatrist.
  • Let’s us not forgets that they too have a right to remember.

what is Dementia

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